Climb On!

This was Gregors last day in town, so we went rock climbing. We picked up Rob and Ev on the way, and ended up having an absolutely wonderful day.

We started by eating lunch and having a couple of beers, then Gregor tried to lead Weasel Crack (5.7), and got suckered in. For a 5.7, it’s a tricky, deep, off width crack. If you get the sequence wrong, you end up too deep. Which is exactly where the damn thing wants you, so it can spit you out. He bailed, and I finished the lead for him, making up for my abysmal performance on it a couple of weeks ago.

I was feeling pretty good, so I decided to do Gimme Gimme Gimme (5.10). It really has only one 5.10 move on it, and it’s protected by the only bolt on the route. Still, I must have fallen at least a dozen times. Gregor was my belayer, and had the patience of a saint. I finished it, and brought up Gregor and Rob. Fun stuff.

That ended up being it for the day. We ate a bit more of our lunch, finished our beers, and swam in the lake (not neccesarily in that order).

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nope, again

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