Weekly Links 20090503


– Hal Duncan gets into the Prologue vs No Prologue fray.

– Charlie Stross blogged on tor.com: One of the questions that every SF author gets asked sooner or later is “where do you get your ideas?” For better or worse, I seem to get a double dose of it; ideas are my particular speciality, or so it said in the last fortune cookie I opened. So I thought I’d give the game away by explaining just where they come from.

– I had a chance to talk to Eric Flint at the Canvention Aurora awards in 2008.  He’s undergoing bypass surgery, and I wish him the best of luck.


– There’s a photograph of a rock on Mars that some people are saying is an alien skull.  I guess people will believe what they want.

– Apparently, tennis really is a sport for sissies 😉

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