May Goals

I’m going to steal a page from Chadwick Ginther‘s book, and try posting monthly goals here.  I’m hoping that  going public with my goals will on a somewhat monthly basis will not only help me keep them, but help me understand why I didn’t achieve all I wanted to.


Keep in mind that these are my writing goals only.  Anything else doesn’t really belong here, and a lot of it can interfere with the writing.

  • KeyCon is coming up fast.  I’m on several panels, and I have a reading planned.  I’ll be reading from The Courier, due out in March, 2016 from DAW.
  • Complete and polish the first 50 pages of the second Courier book, tentatively call The Novice.
  • Complete the scene list for The Novice.

It doesn’t sound like much when listed out, but there’s a ton of work in the last two points.


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    I think you should call the second book COURIER BOLD, the third COURIER ITALIC, and the fourth COURIER BOLD ITALIC. When it comes to titles, I’m a font of ideas.

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    Gerald: you should definitely capitalize on Robert’s ideas.

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    I’ll pass your ideas to my editor, see what she thinks.

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