Novel Sale

I’ve been sitting on this news since November, 2014.  Finally, here it is.

I’m very pleased and excited to announce that I have been picked up by DAW Books. Sheila Gilbert took a look at The Courier and requested a few changes.  Once I did the changes for her, she read the completed novel again and made me an offer at the World Fantasy Convention, November 2014.

Since the offer was made, I’ve secured a couple of wonderful agents, Sara Megibow of KT Literary Agency and Jerry Kalajian of IPG (for Film/TV).

I am currently doing more requested revisions, this time under contract.  I’ll let you all know the status of the novel as time passes.

There’s a pretty good story behind this, my first, sale.  Come and talk to me at a convention one day, and I’ll tell you all about it.



This is the Publishers Weekly announcement:

The Courier, the debut novel by Gerald Brandt, was acquired by Sheila Gilbert at Daw in a preempt. Sara Megibow at KT Literary brokered the sale, her first at the agency. The book, which is set for 2016, takes place in Los Angeles in the near future and follows, Megibow said, a motorcycle courier who “escapes to the meanest of streets after witnessing the murder of one of her corporate clients.”


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