Weekly Links 20090426

I’m a bit late on these today.  I’m in one of those periods when I have so much to do, I don’t know what to do first, and invariably, something isn’t done at all.


– Marie Brennan talks about how she writes female characters.

– John Scalzi was a on a panel recently, discussing how to maintain an online presence.

– For all of the uncertainty surrounding the future of the publishing industry—from the poor economy to the painful layoffs and restructurings in the wake of the digital transformation—to understand what’s really hurting us, all you have to do is visit your neighborhood bookstore.

– Author Nancy Kress talks about the whole ‘SF is dead‘ thing.

– Pete Tzinksi guest blogged over at The Commune about Deadlines for Writers, and Language.


– Probably nothing inspires quite like the view from the top a cliff because the often long and steep hike is forgotten as soon as we glimpse the world from atop where we rest, birdlike, drinking in the scenery and ready to spread our wings. Join us on a tour of some of the most incredible cliffs around the world.

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