Almost gone

Well, I’m off to Africa in a couple of days.  I’m spending 2 weeks in Cape Coast, Ghana.  I’m trying desperately to get my edits for The Courier off of the paper I did them on and into the computer.  So far, it looks like I’ll make it, but I’m cutting it pretty darn close.

I’m about 50% done, which means I have 130 pages to enter before Friday evening.  Here’s to hoping.  The worst case scenario is that I have to bring along the last few pages, and do them on the plane or when I get there.

At any rate, Cape Coast has an Internet Cafe, but from what I hear, it’s closed allmost of the time.  So this may be my last entry for the next few weeks.  I know my loyal reader (yes, singular) is used to my long absences, and will deal with it well.


  1. Your Nation of One eagerly awaits for your return with a full report on your travels.

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